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I am a volunteer at the museum in Durango, Colorado. I found George and Gertie Varner in Lake City, Hinsdale County, Colorado in the 1900 census. Living basically next to them are George's parents - Harmon and Mary Varner. George says he was born April 1876 in Iowa to a father from Ohio and a mother from Iowa. Harmon Varner was born 1842 Ohio and Mary 1854 Iowa. Living with Harmon and mary is their grown daughter Ceolo.

1. Gertie and George had been married less than a year when the 1900 census was taken, so it is more likely she was pregnant with their first child at the time.

2. Gertrude could well have been adopted, but most adoption records are sealed. I can think of one possibility - that Martha Reed Clark, a widow, married Jacob Campion who adopted her. Gertie was born in Iowa to parents from Illinois - I can look to see if Jacob was from Illinois.

3. The government did keep records of Indians on a yearly basis. But we would need to know Gertie's birth name to find her. Gertie very specifically lists herself as "white", so it will be very difficult if not impossible to tell unless yo ucan find a photo of her.

One final note - whoever posted the Varner family tree on did a very good job. You should look at it. If you do not have a subscription, most libraries can get you there free. I will also try to contact the owner of that tree (they did not post any contact info) to see what they know.

Gertie was born Jan 1884 in Colorado to parents fromIllinois. She and George married 1899. They list no children in 1900.

A previous post has identified Gertrude's parents as Martha Reed Clark Camplain(so she seems to have been married twice)
and Jacob Cornelius Camplain.

All the Varners identify themselves as white and american citizens.

One final note for today, unless I hear from the owner of the Varner family tree. Jacob was born 1832 in Pennsylvania, not Illinois. He married Martha Oct 1866 (or 68) in Independednce Missouri. Their "daughter" Alberta Gertrude Camplain was not born until Jan 21, 1885. It would be very unlikely for a couple back then to have their first child after almost 20 years of marriage. So that would lend credence to the adoption story.

A further update. This is from the Varner family tree on . Your branch of the Varner tree has been traced back to Holland in 1765 with a man named Martin Varner. his son Leonard (1801-1869) came to the US and married a Matilda Russell (1807-1858). Their son Leonard Harmon Varner married Mary Ellen Fulmer, and their son was George Harmon Varner, husband of Gertrude. See pervious post. George was born April 19, 1896 in Iowa

A little more info. I am leaning toward Gertie being the biological child of Jacob and mattie - she had older brothers and sisters. First I need to correct one point in my pprevious post - Gertie said she was born in COLORADO 1885 (not Iowa.) She did say, however , that her parents were from Illinois. While Jacob was not BORN in Illinois, he did live there for quie a while, and in fact served in the Union Army from Illinoi 1862-1865. Wife Martha (Mattie) Reed was indeed born in Illinois. They were married 1866 in Missouri, shortly after the Civil War ended. By 1885, Jacob and family were living in Montrose, COLORADO (not too far from Durango), where he was a carpenter. They had 4 children at that point (and Mattie was only 32 years old, so certainly young enough to have children.) They were :
Arthur (16 in 1885), Estella (11), Guy (5) and Alberta Gertrude (1 1/2).


Imformation that I found:

C.G. Hale and Miss Stella Camplain, both of Lake City, Hinsdale County,
were married by Justice of the Peace Charles A. Gunst at 4 o'clock in the
afternoon in Lake City on July 10, 1893. Witness at the ceremony was the
bride's father, Jacob Camplain.

CAMPLAIN, GUFFIE - Son of Mrs. M.E. Camplain; Brother of Estelle Mae (Mrs. Charles Hale), Gertrude (Mrs. George I.C. Varner), Maud (Mrs. E.A. Hale) and others - Died Oct 11, 1900

CAMPLAIN, M.E., MRS. - Mother of Estelle Mae (Mrs. Charles Hale), Gertrude (Mrs. George C. Varner), Maud (Mrs. E.A. Hale), Guffie and two other sons - Died Mar 11, 1901 - Age 49 Years

Lewis Camplain age 44
D.O.B. 2/28/1865
Sarah age:30, Mary age: 8,John age:6,Joseph age:5,Louiza age:3, Aderma age: 11/12 Weaver/Jacob age: 16 Anne age: 40
and William age: 86.

Adam County Pennsylvania.

Martha Clark Indian Roll 10235 Dawes & 22081 Miller

Turner are 102 listed on Roll Dawes Miller and West I need the name for the link!

Only Varner's listed on the Roll are:

Clara 42621 Miller, Claude 3488 Baker, Hugh 3489 Baker, Mary 3490 Baker, Minnie 3491, Roy 28069 Miller, Stacy E. 30973 Miller.

Edna Mae Sanders D.O.B. March 5 1901 Lakeshore Colo. Vital Record states Mother is Gertrude Campbell.

The only Gertrude Campbell listed in Roll is Bessie Gertrude Campbell 10172 Dawes, 28756 Miller and West.

A William L.Campbell is listed on Roll:
1760 Dawes Roll,6476 W.W. Campbell
3184 William A.

Please help me, I really need to link up the people who are related to My great grandparents Gertrude Camplain and George Isac Varner.


7/10/1893 Hall, C. J. Lake City Camplain, Miss Stella Lake City

Reed and Russell both surnames mean RED as in Red Head.  These Irish red heads married into the our Irish Varner Family. 

Martin Varner married  Matilda Russell Making Leonard Harmon Varner their son full blooded Irish.

Leonard Harmon Varner married Mary Ellen Fulmer, [the village name is Anglo-Saxon in origin, and means "lake frequented by birds"]and their son was George Harmon Varner, husband of Gertrude. See pervious post. George was born April 19, 1896 in Iowa

George was 50% Irish and 50% Angelo-Saxon.
Gertrude was 100% Native American Indian.

View Tree 
for Martin VarnerMartin Varner (b. Bet. 1765 - 1770, d. date unknown)

Martin Varner (son of Leonard Varner) was born Bet. 1765 - 1770, and died date unknown.

More About Martin Varner and <Unnamed>:
Marriage: 1796

Children of Martin Varner are:
  1. Jacob Varner, b. 1798, d. date unknown.
  2. +Leonard Varner, b. February 12, 1801, d. October 27, 1869.
  3. Martin Varner, b. 1804, d. date unknown.
  4. William Varner, b. April 18, 1827, d. date unknown.


View Tree 
for Leonard VarnerLeonard Varner (d. date unknown)

Leonard Varner died date unknown.

NotesNotes for Leonard Varner:
No ship listings, nor were women. So the conjecture is that their parents died enroute and they came over with an aunt and uncle.

More About Leonard Varner:
Immigration: September 20, 1738, Friendship ship-Leonard and brother (another Martin Varner) were the nephews of Wendel Brown and Christina Zorn who came to America on this ship from Rotterdam by way of Dover, England and landed in Philadelphia on date listed. Children aren't listed,.

Children of Leonard Varner are:
  1. +Martin Varner, b. Bet. 1765 - 1770, d. date unknown.


Leonard Varner (son of Martin Varner) was born February 12, 1801, and died October 27, 1869. He married (1) Matilda Russell on June 21, 1826 in Athens, Ohio75. He married (2) Elizabeth Jordan on September 05, 1860.

More About Leonard Varner and Matilda Russell:
Marriage: June 21, 1826, Athens, Ohio.75

More About Leonard Varner and Elizabeth Jordan:
Marriage: September 05, 1860

Children of Leonard Varner and Matilda Russell are:

  1. Ellen Varner, d. April 09, 185576.
  2. Rachel Varner, b. Abt. 1848, d. date unknown.
  3. Martin Varner, b. April 10, 1827, d. date unknown.
  4. Wesley Varner, b. January 26, 1828, OH, d. July 18, 1900, Putnam County, MO76.
  5. +Mary M. Varner, b. Abt. 1833, OH, d. Aft. 1900.
  6. Caroline Varner, b. July 07, 1833, d. July 22, 185576.
  7. Isaiac Varner, b. 1835, d. date unknown.
  8. Leonard Harmon Varner, b. 1842, d. date unknown.
  9. Matilda Catherine Varner, b. 1845, d. date unknown.


View Tree 
for Matilda RussellMatilda Russell (b. May 1807, d. October 30, 1858)

Matilda Russell was born May 1807 in OH, and died October 30, 1858. She married Leonard Varner on June 21, 1826 in Athens, Ohio67, son of Martin Varner.

More About Matilda Russell:
Burial: Unknown, Chillicothe, Cass Township, Wapello Co., IA.

More About Matilda Russell and Leonard Varner:
Marriage: June 21, 1826, Athens, Ohio.67

Children of Matilda Russell and Leonard Varner are:
  1. Ellen Varner, d. April 09, 185568.
  2. Rachel Varner, b. Abt. 1848, d. date unknown.
  3. Martin Varner, b. April 10, 1827, d. date unknown.
  4. Wesley Varner, b. January 26, 1828, OH, d. July 18, 1900, Putnam County, MO68.
  5. +Mary M. Varner, b. Abt. 1833, OH, d. Aft. 1900.
  6. Caroline Varner, b. July 07, 1833, d. July 22, 185568.
  7. Isaiac Varner, b. 1835, d. date unknown.
  8. Leonard Harmon Varner, b. 1842, d. date unknown.
  9. Matilda Catherine Varner, b. 1845, d. date unknown.


Arthur E (Edward?) Camplain – 1869-1939

The information below is from the Kamplain family tree on, census records from 1880 through 1930 and his obituary (as well as that of his wife) in  the Grand junction Daily Sentinel. The family name was originally spelled Kamplain and was a very old (1700s) family in Pennsylvania.

 Martha and Jacob had more than 3 children - and you have Colvin relatives galore in the Durango area. Strangely, there is also a Jacob Kamplain (original spelling) living in Fruita, Colorado, which is very close to where Martha Reed Camplain would up. Might be a descendant who went back to the original spelling.

He was born in Indian Territory in 1869, although thru various census records he says that was Kansas, Oklahoma and Colorado. All three were “territories’ at the time. His mother was Martha Ellen Clark (family) or Martha Ellen Reed (family tree.) Father was Jacob C Camplaign. Martha and Jacob married in Missouri in 1868. By 1880 the family was living in Pueblo, Colorado. By 1885 they have moved to Montrose, where both Martha and Jacob are still alive. Arthur is single, living with them and a day laborer.

The Kamplain family tree shows 6 children to Martha and Jacob – in chronological order they were Lucenda, Arthur, Estella/Stell, Guy/Guffie, Maude and Triffla. (Triffla may have later changed her name to Violet, since Arthur’s obit names a surviving sister named Violet who was born the same year as Triffla. Violet married Herber Colvin and is buried in Durango._

Civil War pension records show that Jacob died Dec 10, 1896 in Montrose. Martha applied for and received a pension. Civil War service records show that he enlisted in 1862 in the Illinois 155th infantry and served until the end of the war in 1865. He was mustered out in Tennessee. The unit saw a great deal of battle, including at Chickamauga.

By 1900, Martha is widowed and living with Arthur and other children in Silverton, Colorado. Arthur is still single and again a laborer. Martha’s son Guffie died Oct 11, 1900 and is buried in Hillside Cemetery, Silverton. Martha died March 11, 1901 (age 49) and is buried with him.

By 1920 Arthur has moved south to La Plata County, Colorado. In June he is still single and rooming with an Elizabeth Hautman. But his obituary says that that year he married Elizabeth in Durango (I have not yet found the marriage certificate.) The Elizabeth Hautman listed in the census was 13 years older than him. The Elizabeth he married was 13 years older than him, so I think they are one in the same. It would also appear from a later census that this was her second marriage and his first. I believe the children listed in her obituary may have been from her first marriage. He is a carpenter building bridges. His obit would later say that in fact he had worked in concrete construction for most of his life. In 1920 he and Elizabeth are still in Durango.


In 1921, they moved to Grand Junction, Colorado. He is still working as a laborer there in 1930.


She died first – April 1939 at their home at 429 Pitkin Avenue. Survivors  included her husband, and daughters Blanch Brown of Durango and Hattie Wetmore of Beaver Creek.

He died later that year  in October. His obit says her maiden name was Hartley (so Hautman would have been the name of her first husband.) His obit does not list any surviving children so that would again lead me to believe the two daughters were by her first marriage.


Both are buried at Orchard Mesa Cemetery in Grand Junction.


Note: Elizabeth’s daughter Blanch Brown was originally Blanch Houchin (so probably correct last name of Elizabeth’s firs husband. ) When Violet married Herbert Colvin 4/18/1914 she was Violet Ubershar – first husband?) After that, she was always known as Violet Haze Colvin, so I think Haze is a corrupted version of either her maiden name or the name of a first husband. Violet Haze had a daughter Violet E, born 1916 Durango and died 1973 Durango. She never married. Both Violets are buried at Greenmount, Colorado. Either Arthur’s obit is incorrent and Violet was not his sister, or she was the adopted Houchin daughter of the Camplains.

a thought. there is something odd here. if you have read the messages on the La Plata County message board on, you know that a descendant of Alberta Gertrude Camplain Varner believed (per family history) that Alberta was a native american that the Camplains adopted. At the time I was unable to prove that. but did note that Alberta was born 20 years after Jacob and Martha were married, and when Martha was getting up in years, so adoption might have been a possibility.
Well - the saga gets more involved. Arthur's obit in 1939 very clearly states that he was survived by one sister, who turns out to be Violet Haze Covin in Durango. The only 'sister' this could be would be Treffla, born 1894 and listed on a census as his sister. So one would assume she changed her first name to Violet. I will look at La Plata County marriage recods to see if I can find out Violet's maiden name.
But ----- Violet's father was born in Germany, not Pennsylvania as Jacob was. Martha's obit mentions grandaughter Violet Covin.
So I can only see two possibilities -
1. Treffla/Violet was also adopted  by the Camplains and her father was german
2. or, Violet was the granddaughter of Arthur's wife Elizabath by her first husband Hauptman (a german name.)

well - i found violet. she was born 1894 to Ira and Blanch Houchin. But she went my the name Uberschar. She was livomg with her parents in 1910 in Durango. Their next door neighbors were Martha and Jacob Camplain/ Violet married Herbery Colvine in Durango in 1914. So if she was Arthur's sister (per her obit), then she was probably married forst to a man named Ubershar.

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