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Kamplain/ Camplain / Campbell

Father:  [Alleged  Adoptive] Jacob Cornelius Camplian Birth:1832 Adam County Pennsylvania.
Died: Dec 10, 1896 in Montrose, CO

Mother:  [Alleged Adoptive] Martha Ellen Clark Reed Camplain   Birth: Aprox 1852 Died: March 11, 1901 buried at Hillside Cemetery, Silverton. Age 49 Years

Alberta Gertrude Camplain (Mrs. George I. C. Varner) Birth: June 21 1885  Died:  March 14, 1971

6 siblings:

1. Lucenda Camplain - unknown
2. Arthur Camplain  Birth: 15 Jun 1869  Death: 21 Jun 2005  1885 Arthur was 16
3. Estella/Stella Mae Camplain (Mrs. Charles Hale) Birth: Approx. 1874
4. Guy/Guffie Camplain Birth: Approx. 1880 Died: Oct 11, 1900 5 Years old.
5. Maude Camplain (Mrs. E.A. Hale)  Died: Aprox. 1969
6. Triffla Camplain Birth: Approx. 1884
7. Violet Haze Colvin [Questionable sibling allegedly adopted ] ( Mrs. Ubershar) (Mrs. Herbert Colvin 4/18/1914)  Birth: 1916 Durango Died: 1973 Durango [Alleged parents Ira and Blanch Houchin]


HALE, CHARLES GIBSON- Husband of Helen Patty Beggs and of Estella Mae Camplain; Father of Angie Ellen, Forrest Triffley, Nellie Faith and Inez Cleonia; and five who died in infancy: Aie Gibson, David,  Two Infant Boys and an Infant Girl; Son of Stephen Gibson and Mary Diana Wright Hale - Nov 1849 - Aug 25, 1916
HALE, INFANT BOY – Asphyxiation - Son of Charles and Estella Camplain Hale – Aug 28, 1902 - Sept 6, 1902
HALE, INFANT GIRL - Daughter of Charles and Estella Camplain Hale - Died May 11, 1898


Before the war
He was 39 years old when he was enlisted (3, 6 [44 in 1870], 7 [54 (?) in 1880], 10 [26 in 1850]). He was born in Adams County, Pennsylvania (3, 6, 7, 10).
In 1850, he was living in Tyrone Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania (10). He was living with William Camplain (presumably his father), and with Maryanda, Harriet, Ann, Jacob, and Lucinda Camplain (presumably siblings), along with John Hoffner (10). He was a tanner (10).
When he was enlisted, he was a tanner (3).
He was 5 feet 5 inches tall, and had a dark complexion, hazel eyes, and dark hair (3).
During the war
He was drafted from Tyrone Township, Adams County (1, 3). He was enlisted and mustered into service on 28 February 1865 (1, 3, 4, 9). He was enlisted for one year, at Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, by Captain Eyster (3). His service was credited to the Sixteenth Congressional District (3). He served as a private in company G (1).
He received clothing worth $29.55 (3).
He deserted on 10 June 1865 from camp near Washington DC (1, 2, 9).
After the war
In 1870, he was living in Tyrone Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania (6). He was living with Sarah Camplain (presumably his wife), and Mary, John, Joseph, Louisa, and Aderma Camplain (presumably their children, along with his father William, his sister Ann, and Jacob Weaver (6). He was a farmer, and owned $2,500 in real estate and $1000 in personal property (6).
In 1880, he was living in Tyrone Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania (7). He was living with his children Mary, John, George, William, and Harry, and his sister Annie and father William (7). He was a farmer (7). He was widowed (7).
In 1890, he was living in Tyrone, Adams County, Pennsylvania (post office: Menallen) (4).
On 3 April 1891, he applied unsuccessfully from Pennsylvania for a pension (5, 9).
In 1900, he was living in Tyrone Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania (8). He was a day laborer, and had been out of work 6 months in the previous year (8).
On 9 December 1903, he died (11). He was buried in Upper Bermudian Church Cemetery, Gardners, Adams County, Pennsylvania (11).
1 Bates, Samuel Penniman. History of Pennsylvania volunteers, 1861-5. Harrisburg: B. Singerly, state printer, 1869-71. 5 volumes. 'Ninety-first regiment', volume 3, pages 186-233. (In the roster) (Lewis Camplain)
2 company G, register of deserters (Lewis Camplain)
3 company G, second descriptive list, [#95] (Lewis Camplain)
4 1890 US census, veterans' schedule, Pennsylvania, Adams County, Tyrone, supervisor's district 7, enumeration district 23, page 2 (Lewis Camplain)
5 pension index, by name (Lewis Camplain)
6 1870 US census, Pennsylvania, Adams County, Tyrone Township, microfilm series M593, film 1289, page 383 = 25 handwritten (Lewis Camplain)
7 1880 US census, Pennsylvania, Adams County, Tyrone Township, supervisor's district 7, enumeration district 45, microfilm series T9, film 1085, page 69 B = 6 handwritten (Lewis Camplain)
8 1900 US census, Pennsylvania, Adams County, Tyrone Township, supervisor's district 12, enumeration district 28, microfilm series T623, film 1354, page 340 A = 1 handwritten (Lewis [?] Camplain)
9 pension index, by regiment, 91st PA Infantry, company G (Lewis Camplain)
10 1850 US census, Pennsylvania, Adams County, Tyrone Township, microfilm series M432, film 743, page 65 recto = 129 handwritten (Lewis Camplain)
11 Find a grave memorial 16676551 (accessed 5 September 2010) (Lewis Camplain)
[I did not find an entry for him in the LDS or HeritageQuest indices to the 1860 US census (searched 5 September 2010)]
[In 1860, his father William is living in Tyrone Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania (see page 632 = 2 handwritten); Louis is not living with him]
[I did not find an entry for him on Rootsweb WorldConnect (searched June 2007)]
[I did not find an entry for his wife on Find a Grave (accessed 5 September 2010)]


United States Census, 1850 for Jacob Camplain

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Name: Jacob Camplain
Residence: Tyrone, Adams, Pennsylvania
Age: 18 years
Calculated Birth Year: 1832
Birthplace: Pennsylvania, United States
Gender: Male
Race (original):
Race (expanded):
Death Month:
Death Year:
Film Number: 20593
Digital GS Number: 4191066
Image Number: 00134
Line Number: 35
Dwelling House Number: 65
Family Number: 948
Marital Status:
Free or Slave:

William Camplain M 62y

Lewis Camplain M 26y

Maryanda Camplain F 24y

Harriet Camplain F 22y

Ann Camplain F 20y
  Jacob Camplain M 18y

Lucinda Camplain F 16y

John Heffner M 5y


Civil War Pension Index Cards for Jacob C. Camplain

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Name: Jacob C. Camplain
Rank: P.
Company: F
Regiment: 115
State: Illinois
Arm of Service: Infantry
Date of Filing:
State/Arm of Service:
Publication Title: Organization Index to Pension Files of Veterans Who Served Between 1861 and 1900
NARA Publication Number: T289
Publisher: National Archives and Records Administration
Collection Title: Civil War Pensions


Ancestral File Record

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name: Carroll Triffolia VARNER
gender: Male
birth: 1909 Jun 30
Heber Springs, Cleburne, Arkansas
death: 1985 Jun 29
Novato, Marin, California
burial: 1985 Jul 3
Valley Memorial, Novato, Marin, California

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